Ron Wyatt, 1933-1999, at the Gatlinburg Tennessee museum c. 1995

Ron was the most humble, God-fearing man I have ever met.  He was not

 interested in fame or fortune.  He was only interested in doing the Lord's will. 

      He made great money as a nurse anesthetist, but gave most of it to this work,

 including traveling overseas 130 times.  When he would run out of money overseas,

 he would head back to his job and earn more money to fund his work for the Lord.

      He lived in a duplex in Nashville during most of his work, desiring to spend his

money working for the Lord, instead of on a beautiful home. In 1977, when the

Lord was showing Ron that He had a job for him to do, Ron sold his farm

and used that money for this work.  He did not have health or life insurance, as he

 would give the money he would spend on insurance premiums to the Lord's work.

Biblical archaeologists are rare these days as most of the learned archaeological

 world reject a good portion of the Bible.  Hershel Shanks, editor of the Biblical

Archaeology Review, stated that most archaeologists do not believe in the Exodus

 of Moses.  How could we then look to these men for the answers we are looking

for in biblical archaeology?

      When brother Ron was with us, he would always stress the necessity of becoming

 a follower of Jesus and obeying His commandments.  He was a devout student of

 the Bible, while retaining an extremely humble attitude.  Sadly, Ron died in 1999.

 His death was noted in The Tennessean on  August  5, 1999.

      World Net Daily interviewed him when he was on his deathbed, and he confirmed

that he had in  fact found the Ark of the Covenant, as noted in this article:



     I first met Ron Wyatt

 in 1984, when I heard him speak at a church
in Nashville. He was such a humble 
man in every presentation he gave,
always desiring to lead people to the Lord. 
    That afternoon he had Some specimens from
the Red Sea Crossing and Noah's Ark for us

 to look at after the program.

When leaving the program he shook my hand at the door. 
      I was truly touched by his sincerity, honesty and holy
example.  I felt like I would like to do
something to help him out someday, but at the time I did
not have the funds to do so. Later, in 1989, I heard him
speak in Hendersonville, North Carolina at a church. 
     The pastor there had roomed with Ron at Highland Academy
as a teenager, and had arranged for Ron to speak Friday night,

at the church and in the afternoon for questions.

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Your web host, Kevin Fisher, with Ron Wyatt in 1997, Nashville, Tennessee.


Ron's dining room consisted of bookcases filled with research books,  copy

machine, and various office tools.  No fine china display case here, folks.

(Photo courtesy Jim and Sandra Pinkoski, who were visiting Ron's home.)

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