I am sure that my guardian angel
helped me with all this work.


This is my self portrait taken  in 1992

I was born in Recife,
the capital of the state of Pernambuco
in Brazil .In 1950 I entered the National Art show in
  the museum of Recife, and won second price with a bust
of my friend Eduza Meneses.

In the following year 1951 I entered a statue of my friend Dr. Arthur Melo de Lima Cavalcante. With which I won a first price.
                After Dr. Cavalcante passed away in 1987, the governor of Recife dedicated a park to his honor, and in the park he placed my statue of Dr. Cavalcanti.

This is a photo of the statue of Eduza, (1950)
  With Eduza at the side 28 years later. (1978)

This is Park Dr. Arthur Melo de Lima Cavalcante
  With my statue in the center

This is a closer look of the statue

This is the side of the statue showing
where I engraved my signature (1951)

This is a close up of the bust showing his name. Bronze. (1951)

In March of 1952 I left Brazil and came to Chicago to continue my education at
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

..An African American Lady, clay

The same lady  in clay (1953)

In 1954 I took a live of absence from the school to raise my family for the
next 18 years. During these years I did several works in sculpturing.
My husband owned a business in down town Chicago, so he gave me
a room in the back of his office where I establish a
sculpturing studio. I then made the following works:

  Bust of Janice Lobo (1951)

  Bas relief of the Chicago Skyline. Granite(1981)

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