When I opened my studio em 1970, I did not have
a model, and I was  short of cash after spending
all my money building  the studio, but I was anxious
to get started, so  I thought that to get  started  working without the model the best thing  after that would be for me to make a self portrait,  and that is what I did. To make the bust  of myself, I had to use mirrors, but   that was not enough. I had to take a total of eight   photos, the same
as I do when I sculpt  someone else.
Here is the result of my self portrait in the following photo.

Clelia's self portrait (1970)

The following photos were from different models. The first photo is of Dr. Charles Dale. He was a cancer specialist that worked at the Hisdale Sanitarium and Hospital, as the chief Pathologist. He received calls for his opinion concerning some certain types of cancer from other doctors all over the world. He was an SDA member of the Hinsdale SDA church, the  same church I was a member. When Dr. Charles Dale was about to retire in 1969 I made his bust in my own house. He came to my house to pose for me, but because he was still working and was much pressed for time, I took the usual number of photos needed for a bust. The usual number is eight as I mentioned above. I made tree copies of his bust. The original work is displayed  at the Hospital, and the copies I gave one to Dr. Charles Dale, I gave another to the American Cancer Society of Chicago, and the last one I kept for myself.

Dr. Charles Dale in Synthetic Marble (1969)

This is the statue of my son Pasqual
when he was nine years old. The statue is 5 feet high. Clay (1970)

This is a detail of  the same statue. (1970)

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