In 1972 when I was married to my first husband (now deceased)
my   father-in-law's  name was Pasquale Scopelite. Sometimes he came over
to our house to spend  some time  with us. He loved me, and I loved him.
He  used to tell me that I was his favorite daughter-in-law all because
I named my youngest son after him. In one such occasion   that he came over
to spend time with us, I asked him if he was willing   to pose for me
so I could make a bust of  him. He had seen my son Pasqual posing
for me with just a swimming suit and became a bit concerned about posing.
Then he said to me: "I didn't bring my swimming suit   with me."
So I had to explain to him that he could pose with   all his clothes on,
and that I was going to make just a copy of his head   in the clay.
Of course he said yes to that. It took three months   to complete the bust.
Each time that he posed, he would go home and tell   my  mother-in-law that
he had spent all day, sitting in a chair, looking at Clélia,
and Clélia looking at him.
My father-in-law passed away, but he still has a place inside of my heart.

     This is Pasquale Scopelite (1902-1983)


This is the bust of Pasquale scopelite
       . ........
This is Marie Jovich .             .. This is the bust of
Marie Jovich (1929-2003)

Bust of Marie Jovich (1969)

       Bust of Dr. Margaret  Austin (1979)     Dr. Margaret   et Austin (1893-1983)?

      Dr. Margaret Austin was a heart specialist in Chicago.

     This is my daughter Liliana Rogala
           This is a statue of my daughter Liliana (1986)

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