A Negative of a carved Philodendron leaf in Lime Stone
A positive of a carved leaf of Philocendron also in Lime stone.

A Bas-relief of a scenery by the ocean. In granite (1982)

PIEDADE - Bas-relief in granite (1982)

FRIENDS- Ceramic Sculpture (1992)


Once upon a time, a Copper Head snake became the friend of  a green frog. Every day they met in the

  lake and spent a lot of time talking to each other. One  day the snake told the frog:
"Did you notice how dumb are those human beings?"
Frog-"What do you mean? why are they dumb?"
Snake-"Well, God gave them a huge power to work with, but they don't know how to use it the right way, and when they need to use it, they use it the wrong way."
Frog-"That doesn't make sense to me. I just cannot understand what you mean, that they are dumb, and don't know how to use the power that God gave to them. Can you explain it better to me?"
Snake-"Oh, yes I can. But, the best way to explain it to you, will be to show to you what I mean."
Frog-"And how do you plan to do that?"
Snake-"LOOK! There is a man coming this way." (Then in a whispering voice the snake told to the frog.)"Look, when the man gets here, I will bite him in his heal, and I will run really fast and hide. Then you will run really fast to next to his heel, and let the man see you."
Frog-"OK, but your poison is going to kill him, is it not?"
Snake-"No, wait and see. This time this man is going to use the power God gave him the right way, but that is because he is stupid, and his stupidity will save his life."
Frog-"I thought you were going to show me how stupid they are, but now I am more confused than before, and this doesn't make any sense to me."
Snake-"Ah, but I am not finished showing it to you. I will need two men for this illustration. But just do as I told you, and when the next man comes you will understand completely what I mean."
Frog-"OK, here he comes, go ahead, bite him, and hide, and I will jump right next to his heel. Just like you told me to do. I will do it, but I certainly don't understand what we are doing."

    Well, the man came to the spot where the snake was, and sure enough, she bit the man on his heel. She quickly disappeared of site, and the frog jumped next to his heel. The man gave a little scream of pain, looked down to see who bit him, and when he saw the frog he said:
"Oh! It was just a frog." So he proceeded in his way, and nothing happened to him.

Snake-"LOOK? There is another man coming this way, now you are going to see what I mean, that they are dumb. This time you bite him, jump back to hide, and I will show myself to him. Do you know what? He is going to die. He is going to use that power that God gave him the wrong way, and it is going to kill him. Watch and you will see?"
Frog-"That is impossible, I don't have any poison in me, so how can my bite kill him?"
Snake-"Get ready, he is coming!"

    Again the second man came and they did their little trick. The frog bit the man and jumped back really fast, and the snake appeared next to his heal. The man looked down to see  who bit him and fell down dead.

Frog-"You are mean, Snake! You killed an innocent man just to show me that they are dumb? Couldn't you just tell me what was going to happen if we did as we did?"
Snake-"Yes, I could, but you would not believe. This is what I told you. God gave them this huge power for them to use it, but because they are stupid they use it the wrong way."
Frog-"Yes, you are right, they are stupid, and yes, you are right, I couldn't believe  this one without seeing it. And yes, they are stupid.

    Yes the snake was right. God has given us more power then all the power of the enemy, and nothing  can hurt us. Luke 10: 19.

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