“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him.  For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are”.
(1 Cor. 3: 16, 17)

 If we are the temple of God, then we don't belong to ourselves, we belong to God.  God's Spirit is in every person on earth.  Regardless of whether we are good or bad, we are His temple.

One’s body is a whole world, and everything in this world has a life of its own.  Every cell and every nerve has its own life.  For example, if you’re frying some food on your stove and the oil splashes out and goes directly toward your eyes, you don't even see that little oil splash coming, and it all happens so fast.  Even though you didn't see the oil coming, your eye lids close, to protect your eyes.

Of course, you can say that it was a nerve impulse.  That is all right.  It could be a nerve impulse, for the nerve has its own life, but it also could have been the Holy Spirit that lives inside you that saw the oil coming and closed your eyes.  Let’s consider another example of  the same order.  If somebody pretends that they’ re going to poke you in the eye the same thing happens.  Even before you think, your eyes close.  Even if you planned to keep them open, they still close.  Scientists call this an involuntary reflex movement of the optical nerve.  I call it the work of the Holy Spirit within us.  This same self-sustaining life is in every cell, nerve, gland, muscle, fiber, tissue, flesh, hair, plasma and everything else that lives in this big world, our body.

Suppose you are tired of living and you want to die without committing suicide.  You figure out, that to die all you need to do is stop your heart from beating. Everything else will die when your heart dies.  But try to tell your heart to stop beating. Your heart doesn't care of what command you gave it, and it just goes on beating and staying alive.  You cannot control that life even if you want too.

Let's say that you are in control of the things on the outside your body.  Because the heart is inside, you can’t control.  But can you control the things on the outside?  Let's see how much control you have. Suppose you are hammering a nail on the wall.  You miss the nail and hit your own fingernail. Then the nail dies and falls off your finger. There isn't one thing you can do to save that fingernail.  It died, and it falls off your finger. Do you know why you can’t save that nail? That nail doesn't belong to you; it’s a part of the world that belongs to God.  God in His own time allows a new nail to grow. As you see the tiny nail growing on your finger, you say to yourself, “This nail is growing too slow, I want to speed it up.  I want this nail to be full grown by tomorrow.”  So you can tell your nail, "nail grow, I want you to be all through growing by tomorrow."  But tomorrow your nail will still be a tiny new nail,  It didn’t finish growing as you commanded. Don't you know why? That little nail, like the heart, is a part of the big world, which is the temple of God. It is He who is in total control.

God is inside every person.  I am talking about God as a real, literal being inside us controlling our whole body.  Perhaps God is only in the form of the will, or maybe He is in the air we breathe, or He is in some other form we cannot comprehend, but I know He is in every person.  When  He comes out of a person, that person dies. It is just that simple.  Some people seem to have more of the Holy Spirit inside them than others.  The amount of the Spirit of God in us is the only thing that we can control. The least quantity of His Spirit is in everybody.  That is what keeps us alive.  The larger the quantity of the Spirit of God in us is entirely up to us on how much of Him we want in ourselves.  As for myself, I want a large amount of Him in me, and I talk to Him very often.  Read Job 34.

Some time ago I was very sick and I couldn’t swallow. I suffer with that problem for more than two months.  One day I started to think about being the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I decided to talk to Him about my problem.  I said, "Dear Holy Spirit, You live inside of me, so when I swallow, could You please push the food down to my stomach?”   Well, do you want to know what happened?  I never had a problem swallowing again.  That was 15  years ago.  The Holy Spirit was inside me, and heard me.  Every time I swallowed, He pushed my food down to my stomach.

“Vanities of vanities, says the preacher.  All is vanity.“ Ecclesiastes 12: 8.

Lately I have noticed that my hair is starting to turn gray. I don't like it, but there isn’t one thing I can do to stop my hair from turning gray.  I could dye it another color, but that isn’t the solution I want. I asked the Holy Spirit to turn my hair black again, but He ignored my request.  My first request to Him was a good request because it helped me to be in good health; my second request was only for my own vanity, so He ignored it.  This is His world. He is in control of it, but it’s up to us to keep it in good shape.  If we don't treat it right, He said we would be destroyed.

Some years ago, one of my friends lost her 35 five year old son.  He was very intelligent, handsome, and the pride and joy of his parents.  He became addicted to drugs, which affected his liver, and he died.  I don't believe for one minute that God wanted this young man to die of a drug addiction.  However God does give us free choice, and that was what that young man chose.

Elvis Presley, River Phoenix, and many other celebrities have no right to destroy themselves with drugs.

“For man goes to his eternal home, and the mourners go about the streets.  Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.” Eccl. 12: 5,7.

   So  don't forget that “We Are The Temple of God”And His Spirit dwell in us.

 "If He should set His heart on it, if He should gather to Himself His Spirit and His breath, ALL FLESH WOULD PERISH TOGETHER, and man would return to dust."  Job. 34, 14, 15.




This is my son Pasqual when he was 3 years old, with his borzoi Vezna

This is just a little and short story to show how we feel about
God´s little critter, the dog called Borzoi

The Borzoi is a dog similar in appearance to a Great Dane with long hair.  They are also called Russia wolf hounds, because they were born in Russia.  They use these dogs for hunting wolves.  They hunted the wolves with several dogs, but only two dogs would attack the wolf.  If the owners wanted the wolf to be captured alive, they would commend the dogs not to kill.  The dogs then would attack the wolf by their ears, and the wolf would not die.  On the other hand, when they wanted the wolf to be killed, the dogs would attack the wolf by the neck and kill the wolf. Yet, the dog is so gentle that they could go out; kill a wolf, and came back and play with a baby without harming the baby.

After being married for six years, my husband and I decided to get a dog for the children.  We went to a dog show in Chicago, and saw for the first time what a Borzoi look like.  We saw all kinds of dogs, but we kept going back to see the Borzois. Finally Phil told me that he liked the Borzoi the best of all dogs.  The children immediately asked us if they could have a Borzoi for themselves.  We said yes to them, and started to talk to some of the Borzoi's owners, and ask them questions about their dogs.  We saw one white Borzoi that was absolutely gorgeous.  My little boy Pasqual asked if he could get this dog to be his own.  We went to meet the owner of the dog, and asked her if that dog was for sale.

Poor Pasqual, she said that she would think about it, but that particular dog was already a champion, and he would go for over two thousand dollars.

"Dad! I want him, can we have him dad?"  Before Phil answered, the owner could see that all we wanted was a pet for the children.  She placed her arm around Pasqual's shoulders, and said to him.  "How would you like to have this dog's daughter?  She looks identical to him.  She is all white just like her dad. If you want to have her, I will give you a real low price, because, even though she is also a show dog; I have never shown her, so you can do all her showing yourself.  How would you like that?"

"I love it.  Dad! can we have his daughter? "How much is his daughter?"  Phil asked the women. "If you come over to our kennel we will negotiate, besides, you need to see her to know if you really want her. I have a few young dogs for sale, and you could have a choice of the one you like, but she is the only one completely white.  All the others, have different colors in them.  Her name is Vezna Radost of Twin Elms.  She is eight months old, and that is a real good age to go to a new home.  When they are younger then that is very hard to see their qualities, and at this age they have already shown their body dimensions, including their height.  She will make a champion in no time."   "Where is your kennel?" Phil asked her.

"In Madison, Wisconsin, and we live right next door to the kennels."  She gave us the address, and we made an appointments to see her on the following month.   It wasn't to long, before we found ourselves in the station wagon going to Wisconsin to buy our first Borzoi.  We found the kennel with no problem. When we got in the owner told us to sit at the waiting room while she went to get  the dog we discussed about at the dog show.

She was gorgeous. We fell in love with her immediately.  We bought her, got all her papers, and started back home.  She took to Pasqual really well from the very first time.  Pasqual went to the back of the wagon and laid there with the dog, and they traveled together all the way home.  We could see who's dog she was from the very beginning.  Pasqual loved her so much; he would spend hours outside playing with her.

Pasqual was three years old when we bought Vezna.  One day Pasqual cane to my bedroom crying, early in the morning. "I can't find Vezna mother.  I looked everywhere, and I can't find her."

I was still in bed, so I didn't think that it was something really wrong.  I told Pasqual to go back to sleep.  I had no lidea that Vezna was really gone.  During the night someone had stolen her.  We all cried for Vezna for about three months.  She was so wonderful, and we had her for such a short time.  Then we called the kennel owner in Wisconsin and told her what had happened.

About two months later my door bell rang, and when I answered it I found the kennel owner with two dogs identical to Vezna. "This is Vania, and that is Varia,  they are twins. I will sell you both dogs for the price of one, if you buy both of them.  I am doing that because I don't want to separate them.  They are eight months old; the same age of Vezna when you bought her."

Let me tell you; these dogs were even prettier than Vezna, so we bought both of them.  We had these dogs for two years. One day a hunter mistakenly thought that Varia was a deer, and shot her.  Again we lost another wonderful dog. Phil made a little funeral for her.  Not to long after that Vania was stolen.  We had two stolen Borzois, and one killed, so we decided not to get anymore Borzois.

“The Borzoi was our favorite dogs.”
But now our favorite dog is the Pitbull

This is Tabby our dear Pitbull May 2009



I wrote this story back in the time when I was still young
living in Chicago.

 "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth‚ me." Philippians. 4. 13.

 When I was in Brazil I saw my name in the newspaper many times because the art show competitions I had entered.  When I came to Chicago I dreamt that some day I would see my name in The Chicago Tribune. That  was  just one of my dreams.

In Brazil I was competing in the art shows, and even getting a first prize.  Now I was just another student at The Art Institute of Chicago.  Nobody knew me, or recognized me by my name.  All of the art critics had no idea of who I was.  It was a hard transaction to come down from my pedestal.

I got married and forgot all about my career as an artist, but down deep inside of me there was this dream to get in the newspaper, but I did not know just how I could do that. Now I was not even an art student, but just a house wife. That was very hard on me, and especially when I didn't know how to be a good house wife.  For many years I was a house wife and mother, but down deep I really resented being taken as just another house wife.  I thought of myself more than that, and used to dream if I would ever be an artist again.

I also wondered if I would ever see my name in the news paper.
Then one night I had an interesting dream.

I dreamt that I was climbing a real high mountain, but when I got to the middle of the mountain I tripped and fell.  There were many rocks sticking out of the ground and I grabbed on to the rocks and pulled myself up so I could stand up.  I managed to climb a little farther, but the mountain was so high and steep that I didn't think it possible to get to the top. Then I looked up and noticed that there were many artists way up there.  I suddenly realized that I was climbing the artists mountain.  I also realized that they to like me had to climb the mountain from the bottom, and that they had not given it up like I wanted to.  I also knew that many artists had gotten discourage because the road was too hard, and had gone down instead.  Then I sought that some artists had made it up just because they had determined in there minds that they would make it.  I decided to be like them, and started to go up again.  I climbed, and climbed, I tumbled and fell, but I would pull myself up again and continued to climb once more.

Finely I got to the top, and was surrounded by artists just like me, and everybody knew my name.  When I woke up I realized that I was only dreaming, but some how, I had a new hope.  I believed that God had given me the dream, and all I had to do was to take courage and wait.

But I did not want to wait, and enrolled myself in the night classes of the Art Institute of Chicago.  That was not what God had told me to do. God had said to wait, but that was something else I had to learn. I didn´t know how to recognize God´s voice.  My daughter was only one year old at the time.   We had only one car, so my husband had to take me and the baby to school and back to the house almost every  night.  Then three hours later he would have to go back to school to pick me up.   All went well for a while, but then my daughter got sick, and I decided to quit school to take care of her.  Besides I was not enjoying going to school and leave ma baby home.  I did not like night classes either.  Now I started to understand why God had told me to wait.  And wait I did, for I didn't go back to school until all my children were grown and gone.

In 1982 I got my degree, and it wasn't very long after that when I saw one of my dreams come true.  My name was in the Chicago Tribune the best paper in Chicago.  Nobody can tell me that God doesn't care.  God cares even for a little bird, and I think that He wanted to see me really happy. And He did, I was absolutely happy.  I hope you can be as happy as I am.  Especially when my dreams come true.  If you have a dream, tell it to God, and He will do for you the same as He did for me.  I am not yet the great sculpture or artist that I wanted to be, but God´s time is very different than our time. Maybe some day I will  finish climbing  that mountain, and know that this was really a dream coming from God. I will never quit having this dream , even if I still have to continue to clime that mountain. That is  "My Dream".

I wrote this story back in the time when I was still young living in Chicago.
Take care, and lean on God.  I do.
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Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it will be opened to you."  Matthew, 7: 7.

This is the story of a few of my fastest answered prayers.  Just last night I was looking for my little scissors and could not find them.  If God said in Matthew 7; 7 that if you seek, you shall find, then I am  going to ask God to that for me.  So, I said to God.  "Lord, You promised me that if I asked You to find something that I would find it, so thank you Lord that I found my scissors. Amen".  When I opened my eyes they went directly to the scissors on top of the table.  I had looked for them on that table several times, and had not seeing them.  Now after I prayed I found them.  That had to be an answer to my prayer.

I have done that many times, especially when I lose my keys.  I pray that prayer, and immediately I find them.  Some times takes a little longer, but I always get an answer.

Once a long time ago my mother came from Florida to spend some time with me.  I took her to Broadvew Academy for a week at camp meeting.  We rented a room in the girl's dormitory, and arranged to get mattresses for the children. There were only two beds for the four of us, but with the mattresses we got along really good.  Pastor Glen Coon was the main speaker, and He was teaching the A.B.C.'s method of praying.  This was new to me and I didn't know how to use them.

One day it was so warm we went to the bedroom to take a nap, and because I was very tired I really wanted to sleep.  Mother wasn't as tired as I, and wanted to talk.  She was looking to the farm in the back ground, and said: "Clelia, you said that those things out there were cows, but they are not cows.  They are stones.  Cows move around, and those things out there don't move."

I was in trouble and I knew it.  If I said they were cows, mother was going to argue with me.  If I said they were stones I would be lying.  I needed help, so I turned to God, and prayed my first A.B.C. Prayer.

Here  is  what ABC means. A is for ask, B is for Believe, and C is for Claim or receive. Like when you buy something on a department store, and to receive the merchandize you get a clamming ticket, thenyou give the ticket, and you  get your merchandise. You give the claiming ticket to the man, and receive your merchandise because you claimed it.

SO, first you ASK then you Believe that God is  going to answer you,  then you claim it, so you thank Him for receiving.

Now with my mother trying to argue with me I did not know what verse of the Bible I should use to claim to God the promises He had made for that particular occasion. For each situation God gave us a promise, like for sleeping I claim  Psalms 4:8"  "I will both lie down in peace and sleep: For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety".

There is a total of 3,573 promises for different needs. But now I had no idea of what text to use for  that cituation, so this is what I said:  "Lord I don't know a text for my need, but I know You  gave a specific promised to every need, so could You please use the promise that fits my need, and let my mother know that those things out there are cows.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.  Amen."

I jumped out of my bed to see how God was going to show my mother that those thing were really cows.  I ran to the window, but I was to late on my running, for my mother already had seeing a cow running and said:

"Oh! they are cows.  One of them just moved from one place to another."  I didn't see the cow move, but my mother did, and that was all that matter. After that I became a fervent believer of the ABC's of prayer taught by Glen Coon.

Another time it was about six pm. and I was sewing in my sewing room up stars.  My sewing machine was located below the window that faced the street.  My son Pasqual was a full grown handsome young man, who sang like an angel and was sweet like an angel also.  He came up stair to let me know that he was getting ready to go out to do his exercise.  He said:  "Mother I am going out to run, OK?"  "OK!"  I answered and continued with my sewing.  After about an hour I looked out side from my window and the sun had gone down, and was really dark.  I started to think about Pasqual out there running in the dark.  He could get run over by a car. So I said to God:    "Lord!  Pasqual is out there running in the dark.  I don't know what promise to claim for this situation, but please save my son's life, and tell him to come home.  Thank you Lord for saving his life."  Before I said  "amen" the telephone rang, and it was Pasqual.  This is what he said: "Mother! could you please come and get me?  I am at the A&P store in Western Springs.  I was going to run to Hinsdale, but about five minutes ago while I was running, I had these filling that you were afraid for my life, and I decided to quit running and go home.  So! could you come and pick me up?   "Of course Pasqual.  I would fly there if I could.  And I told him how God had answered my prayer five minutes before I prayed.

I have many other stores of how fast God has answered my prayers, but because they involve other people I cannot write them. God really cares for us.  If we come to Him with our requests and believe them, He will answer.  Try it, and be surprise of  how fast God will answer your prayers. There is a book written by pastor Glen Coon called Bible Promises. If you would like to obtain this book you may write or call our Book and Bible house in Montgomery. Here is the address:  Golf State Conference, P.O. Box 36124-0249 Montgomery, AL USA Phone 1-334-272-7493    And The Book Store  1-800-467-6450




 "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities; for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercessions for us with groaning which cannot be uttered".  (Romans 8:26).

 "What?  Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own?  For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." First Corinthians 6;19,20

As I mentioned before, I believe with all my heart that the only reason I am alive is because the Holy Spirit is in me inside and out.  Without the Holy Spirit, I would be dead.  He controls my blood, my breathing, all my organs, and my glands.  He even knows how many hairs I have in my head.  He is my teacher.  Everything I know has been taught by Him.

I am a student at Bessemer State Technical College.  When I am in the class and the teacher is teaching, The Holy Spirit writes everything inside of my brain.  Later on when I want to remember what the teacher said, the Holy Spirit plays it back as in a television screen, and I remember it.  Without the Holy Spirit my mind would be just a blank with nothing in it.  I also compare Him to a telephone.  When I talk to my daughter in Chicago, I can hear her voice on the phone the same time she talks to me.  Praying is the same thing as when talking to my daughter. The Holy Spirit Himself takes my message to God.  At the same minute I talk to God, He hears me through the " groaning of the Holy Spirit".

I believe in the Holy Spirit as much as I believe that I have five fingers in my hand.  When I started to understand how that all works, I became very aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in me, and I started to talk directly to Him.  This pleased Him, I know.

One day I was making toasted bread in a little portable oven.  Accidentally I burned my finger on the heating element, and my finger turned white where it was burned.  I placed my burned finger under running water, closed my eyes, and talked to the Holy Spirit.  I said to Him.  "Dear Holy Spirit, I know that this is your body,  and I am very sorry that I was so negligent.  I caused your finger to get burned.  If this body is your temple; then, everything in it is yours, including this finger.  So forgive me for burning your finger.  Thank you for forgiving me, amen."

While I was praying to the Holy Spirit that lives in me, I left the water running on the finger.  After I said amen, I pulled the finger out of the water,  and when I looked at the finger, all the white was gone, and the finger was completely well.  There was no pain in the finger.  A few weeks later I was using a pair of pliers and got my finger caught in the plier's handle.  Again I asked the Holy Spirit to forgive me, and again I placed the finger under the running water.  The same thing happened, the finger got instantly well.  That is why I know that the Holy spirit is pleased when I talk to Him.  I don't expect to get instantly well all the time, but I know that He is helping me in all I do.  About two months ago, I got contaminated with some kind of germ.  I was eating my lunch, and put my finger in my mouth to take off something that got caught in my teeth. Evidently my finger wasn't very clean, and I got contaminated resulting in a bladder infection.  I did the same thing I had done before.  I asked the Holy Spirit to forgive me, and I also asked Him what I should do.  I had come across some terrific herbs that cured me from a throat infection, so I decided to take them. And agian I got completely well.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit that told me what to do.

Now you also can please my best friend, the Holy Spirit.

And, no matter what I do or where I go, it will always be:




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